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DAY 1 13th July 2019

A new goal

I have now decided to watch less and less pornography and I hope or better yet I know I eventually will cut it out from my life completely. I currently watch up to 1 hour of porn daily and I watch it twice daily so that’s 2 hours of my life being polluted by lust and pure filth and by the degrading treatment of women of the porn industry, and I do believe that some women call it empowering, I, on the other hand, say it does to some extent however most of it is young girls 18/19/20 years are now seeing this as a way of making a living and this put’s them into a high risk of STD, AIDS and HIV+ and other diseases. Yes I know they, well most of them are check themselves every week at least, however, the risk of the infections remains high.

I don’t want to call to an end to porn altogether, after all, it’s where most couples find inspiration to spice up their sex life, yes I have tried many positions when I was with my now separated and waiting for divorce wife.


I’m not a right’s activist nor am I against them, I for the most part sign petitions and have participated in protests that affect my community as a whole, also I vote. I know that if a person or person chooses to take their clothes off and have sex with other consenting adults on the video to be displayed by the various pornographic websites across the world for all those who indulge in perverted self-pleasure or them have gone past the masturbating part and now they are just here for the rather stupid and silly story’s, like me, of people being paid sex by some people who the videotaping them afterwards having intercourse. This bothers me it’s because of the way women and some couples are portrayed as easily available for anyone with money and this is prostitution.

Anyway, you are of course welcome to make your own mind up about this subject, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today I have already have had my one video and have done the deed, it’s too hard(pun intended) to quit just like that, but I have just watched just one video whereas before I would watch up to and over 20 small 5-10 minute videos. Each step is taken to get away from is for the long term benefit of me and my family as a whole.


To distract my self from this addiction I have decided to concentrate on one of my 1st ambitions which were crushed because it wasn’t very profitable or rather it was seen as a lower job and a complete waste of time, it’s because I come from a wealthy and educated family so a professional farmer or even a Gardner was seen as a waste of time by my grandfather who was a principal, my mum a science teacher, my father graduated and because he was a local player and still thinks he is, he’s 60, fell in with the wrong crowd and went to prison for a while.

Me now 32 at the time of writing this post, have decided to invest my two hours into gardening, we have a large front and back garden all to ourselves. But it’s reviving the dead farmer inside is the hard part for me, I can work for  24 hours straight if I needed to but this does not yield results like an ordinary job does so to looking towards the future with an empty garden and thinking that it will look like a forest is haunting and demotivating and I don’t see that far ahead I like immediate results, it’s because we like in the same day delivery time and fast food and fast cars era.

But it’s thinking about it that puts people off so, I did and I didn’t, I thought about for a second or two and then watched a few videos on youtube and decided that I will do this. And to show that it’s now happening here are some pictures of future Cherry Tree from the fruit to seed and hopefully in a week or so sapling and then planting and then in a two or more years time I won’t be buying Cherry at the market I’ll be eating fresh ones from our garden. The benefit of doing this is a minute contribution towards the reduction of greenhouse gases that are produced when transporting food stuff from the farm to the end buyer.

Cherry fruits ready to be eaten or if dont want to you can just strip the flesh from the seeds

The 1st step in getting the cherry seed
5 Cherry fruits

The Seeds inside the fruit after the fruit was eaten

After the getting the seeds from the protective shell using a plier and then using a tissue and some water in a plastic takeaway container covered in a cling film.

  1. i love all of the version’s although i was unable to get the malayalam version.

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