Does anyone remember the website triond.com, it closed down almost five to six years or more and no-one has bothered to buy that site and open it up again. I think that there were some fraud problems associated with the users where they would ask their readers to click on the adverts that were displayed on their content page thus leading them to get some sort of revenue which the major portion went towards the company. And that was against the google policy of not clicking on anyone(s) adverts knowing that it will generate that page holder or the website holder to generate some income through adverts and sales through adverts and of course i have clicked the adverts in other websites leading me to get something I was looking for and I did purchase on many occasions but this was not on such pages.

However i  also believe that the readership or content creators on that site got frustrated with the lack of slow payments made to them and also how long it took them to earn a measly $20 from the site and I had put in soo much work early in my 20 to late teens on the site to be met with disappointment of not making enough to withdraw the money from readers. I never did get paid from the site and I still have an outstanding amount of around 19+ dollars to be paid, that’s all I earned in a total of 4+ years spent on the site and getting a couple of their badges for meeting their contributing target for each month. I had a quite good following/friends on the site who would read and comment on the articles and submissions that were to put on it.


All theirs, to make matters worse they had a policy which stated that they would own any and all content that you contributed to their website. This was, when I found out insult to injury or adding salt to the open wound, not only I was submitting my hard work for nothing and near enough, well no pay at all,  and that they had given no notice to the users about when and why they would shut or go offline permanently and the domain name is still available to purchase from any site you choose from as hosts, I was able to find it on godaddy.com and its available to purchase for anyone with intents to do so.

One best thing one that website was that you were able to recruit readers/friends and communicate quite easily on the site. My topics were quite a niche based and therefore I was not able to gain as much readership as others that were using it and seeing success on a massive scale and there were only a couple of comments on all of the posts I had added and I would whenever i can, respond to each and every one of them with careful thought and consideration. When I nearly hit that threshold to claim the money it suddenly disappeared into the abyss of the internet.

I then found out from others who had previously, because of triond owning the content you publish on the site as their own, had decided to migrate to vocal and I also move some of my articles to vocal and I haven’t been back in 6 years there and I found out there that it was taken down for some reason, you’re welcome to share it here in the comments. The main reason I started this WordPress site is because you can only be disappointed with life for the only soo long but you just have to get up and go and frankly I’d try this again what have I got to lose i don’t want the money, well not from this- this is my creative outlet, I work fulltime and I find time to be a precious component of life something you cannot get back so use it wisely.


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