Stop and I will leave

Stop humiliating me Mr Green.

You’ll end up regreting it, why do you think all of those dejavu’s happen.


You fucking moron why do you think they let you do this it’s because you’re expendable and as such I WILL EXPEND YOU.

ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, make your own mind up.

You ruined my fathers life and you have been doing it top me since i was 5 and this will give you a all expense paid trip to the hell in which there is nothing but you.


NO Miss F A can’t and will not be able to save you or herself for that matter, or anyone else for that matter.

I know you’re not a fool you are quite clever but you’re being played and as such this is all I want to give you. STOP humiliating me.

Say all and DO all that you like i suppose you should push away all that warnings and I will have a legitimate cause when i END you.


And that my folks was a story from the dialogue from an agent of death to a pretentor.

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