Seriously STOP this shit.

I am not a bad person but if you keep on humilaiting me Mr Mod and Miss Jan and when and IF i’m Free and I dont have anyone to call as family or freinds i will fuck with you.

Heck You should stop.


Let me have at least the dignity of being alone and not being bothered by people.

You have been ripping out my life since I was fucking three years old and you want to carry on, I will NOT regret it when you are killed by the people whom you so call family and Freinds Mr D M, Miss J O and let’s not forget Mr Edward G. Who will actually have it worse off than any of you both.

Every action has consequnces and as such consequnces were to have it thats why you were’nt able to kill me as a baby and get away with it.


This will end badly for you D stop ruining what’s left of my life.

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