You took everything away

You have stolen 30 years of an innocent persons life in the guise of stopping him rising to greatness and prosperity.

He couls have prevented Genocide and Mass murder doone in the name of yourselves, the so called DEMI-GOD’s.


Are you gods and are your live any more worthy than the avaerage human.

I have a question is your life worth more than the NAZI that gunned down the Muslims in NEW ZEELAND or even HITLER for that matter.

You have proven to Me and the human race” when they find out who you are” that you are’nt worth the worship that we do to you on a daily basis, heck about 1.1 biilion even do it on an hourly basis.


What Am I accused of and can you please verify that I would like to defend myself.

If you still deny me this then I will keep pissing you off MR Od and MR M.

There are many way’s to skin a cat(big cat(s)) and i will try all of them.

After all I have sufferd about 14000000 plus murders on my infant body.

Which I didnt even know about until now.

This must stop, stop torturing her, she is valuable AS an ALLY (dont regret it-you manupulative shit).

I dont want her to loose everything I lost, let her live…Or i’ll start bashing the old man so badly he’ll bleed shame and emabrasment.

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