I really like your ingenuity

I thopught i had a Family, turn out I did not.

Let’s not get carried away with that bolocks.



I really like the way you think Mr/Miss/Mrs person.

Seriously who’d think that when I need a tenant and then lure a person and then make the person beleive that they own the house and so that they work and they pay the mortgage and then when thats all over You come in and take it.


I like most of all the fact that I am made to work for you lot and then, while doing that I’m thrown out on the street like garbage and not only that people are humiliating me like i’m the BAD one here.

“Beware the one that screams wolf”- but seriously do you even pay attention to me, hey after all i’m just a thing to beat up…

Kudos Mr  this is one fantastic way to make money and elevate your status, all the while putting shit on someone else’s reputation.

This is some Top Notch Shit, If I had an award ceromoney for the best “sly fox” it’d be all of you lot.


You also make me feel uncomfrtable in the skin i’m in and the house that go to.


I like to earn a living my self working for myself and maybe support anyone that cannot support themselves and also live under a roof with someone that i may like or love(prefrebly a DOG). Also I have never liked to eat in other people’s houses-ever.


Now look at me- you’ve changed .

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