What kind?

What kind of people are you lot?

I mean stealing someone’s penis and their body!


That’s got to be low, specially for you, your Majesty.

I count you on par with the Underworld Criminals of The world who steal people’s organs and also among the people who traffic children accross the world into Sex trafficing and theft.

Oh and the Begging and murderer breeding as well…


There are many gang’s accross the Globe who do this and feed their habbit of pussy and Drugs and because of you I have learned a new way to get pussy.

Lure an unsspecting Moron to any place in the world and turn him/her into one of your clones of a Whore.

I can survive without your kind but I Need my BODY back, regardless of it’s current condition.

If you fancy keeping it make sure you get rid of my mind, the Idea of being a parasite in someone’s body and feeding them the Life that I could’ve had is rather dissapointing, to say the least.

You are the worst of the worst Mr M or Mr O or what ever the fuck is your name.

I have worked more lifetimes than you can imagine for this one life and to take it away and give it to a rapist and manipulator and genocidal maniac is unforgivable( I Know you are far from asking for forrgivenss or saying sorry( i dont want it)).

If I am to die without my body and restart on this path to regain it all back I promise your kind will regret it for as long as my Eternal Soul is alive (note the “Eternal” part)


I will deal with Miss whore in due time but I will have my body back, and you cangt say over my dead body, cause you’ll see me walk away from it.

I will take from her what she took from me.

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