Answer this you Moron

If I did kill him and I was only an infant when this happened how come when he killed me he couldnt move forward with his diabolical plan to enslave all of the Human race?

I mean if he was in on the right side then why?


It should’ve worked.






Let me Enlighten you Fool!

I was †he one being murdered!

He had, as far as i’m aware 700 Million years to do this again and again and still nothing and did you think he was just killing people during that time.

No he was bussy with other things in his missery, he was developing tech to erase and manipulate minds and he can add or take away memory without trace and so on…

If you see anything on me that looks odd then it dont belong to me.

That tech was achived with my trapped mind inside his body, it’s easy to fool a child who only want’s love. Especially a 5 month old baby


One’s deed will burn him, pankcake with evil intention will burn the house.

Both parts suit all of you.


I wonder how it will turn out for you when i’m killed again. I hope he lives through it once more, however this time I know you all will know about why and how you fucked it your selves.

Kill I say

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