Message to the King

I’m not Leaving without My vody EVER…

If you want a niceer dagther, then raise a Nice person as a daughter…


Dont change Nice people into replicas of your whore’s of children and expect them to leave just when you throw them an imaginary bone.

I DO NOT WANT you tpo throw me a Bone I just want My body back  Or I’ll Keep yapping and Taking pot shots at you…

One way or another I will get either one of these things: My Body(whatever condition it’s in Or My Death) and since the later one does’nt come without the 1st one I wont be leaving.


I will have My body back one way or another…no matter however much it takes I’ve got a Life to Live or Suffer in sice your kind is involved.

And I’d give it back ASAP if you want to keep your veil of annonimosity on this planet.

It’s the only barganing tool that I have.






Pro Tip if you want a daughter then fuck one of the many bitches in your family i’m sure that daughter of your can change them into another whore for you to fuck around with.

Sincerly( All of me, for me)



I was born in it and i cant die outside of it, thats why also i dont want to give you anything you pedo.

This world does not need another of that whore of a daughter one is enough to bring ruin to the whole of the human race.

Oh yes keep saying good for nothing and whatever comes to your mind because i need to be reminded that i’m still a prisoner in one of you kinds prisons.

I will not be a parasite in someone else’s body just becasue you think your new daughter has sucked your dick and gotten a favor.

Either kill me Or give me my body back, THE ORIGINAL ONE as i want to see what your family has done to my familyin the name of “lessons” and holy “punishment”

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