If I did…

I keep Hearing that I committed a crime, however, my consciousness says otherwise. And I am not capable of doing anything to hurt people I wasn’t raised like that.

If I did do a crime then the punishment should fit the crime, regardless of the person, EVEN You Mr Narashimha and your posse.


Now When I was Continually murdered and the community I come from murdered each and every time because they had chosen to stand up for themselves, WHO should stand trial for that Repeat Genocide, should that also be me…You probably would use, heck you are using me as a puppet instead of your rapist mass murderer nephew, off course he goes Scott free and gett’s my blood to leach off of, just like all of the Whores your community is made up of.

I’m he Vengful type of person, If you are not going to say what the crime I’ve commited then you should SHUT THE FUCK UP, Mr M or what ever the fuck is your name.

I maybe a laughing stock but until I die I will keep trying and Even If I do die I leave a scar soo deep you will remember me for 100Plus Trillion years of a Demi-Gods Life, I Promise.


False accuasations can be easily done with the tech available to you, I’m Not at falut It’s him and Also If you don’t let me have my body back….at least stop humiliating me

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