Foolproof but not blood lust proof!

You have a plan thats “foolproof” SO YOU SAY.

Is it though?


I know I can’t fight something I can’t even see let alone touch.

So it’s Foolproof.

However have you thought about your offspring, He will dig me up just to torture me.


He is the type to piece back togeather all the ashes after I’ve burned myself to nothing and then give that form life and then torture me.

You may think he’s your baby boy but he has had extenssive practice in the art of humiliating someone, murdering people and then torturing them. There’s a reason why it’s in this order.

So if you do kill me and are successful, doubtful, in finishing me off please burn my body and make sure any reamins are safley sent to the underworld as I DO NOT EVER WANT TO SEE ANY OF YOUR FACES AGAIN FOR AS LONG AS MY SOUL “IS”.

Hopefully he wont follow me there but I would’nt put it past him, after all he’s killed me more than a few million times.

There’s saying in the language that adopted me, it goes like this “the  cat that has a taste wont let it be” or something along those lines.

So, If you do persist then well I hope there’s someone that can remove all of the Elamnite’s powers and just make you all human but with your Karma.

There should be some checks and stops but there is’nt that’s why there is still Evil in this world, because all the Filthy Cunts that have ever came out to ruin and mass murder Humans were Elamnites….Your son is one of them along with his bitches.

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