Early 80’s Assassination’s

and attempts of assassinations

John W: Lennon 8 December 1980


Ronald Reagan 30 March 1981

Pope John Paul II, 13 May 1981

Jaime Roldós, President of Ecuador, 24 May 1981


Rafael Hoyos Rubio, Peruvian General, 7 June 1981

Omar Torrijos, President of Panama, 31 July 1981

Anwar Sadat 6 October 1981

In less than 10 months the best outcome for the conspirators would have ended the lives of an American President, a Pope, a huge rock star and several other presidents and political figures in the world. Only the Pope and the American President survived this fate.

Roldos and Hoyos were the respective chiefs of the Ecuadorian and Peruvian Armies in the war that happened in January 1981, threatening the peace in the “backyard” as Reagan used to call South America.

Some coincidences between the perpetrators include the psychiatric profile of the Reagan and JPII attempts and John Lennon’s assassin. The official history depicts three very troubled men, obsessed with celebrities, Ali Agca believed he was Jesus Christ.

The survivors, Regan and JPII were highly instrumental in the fall of communism 8 years later, maybe these assassinations were an attempt to prevent this?

Despite the fact that the time lapse is only 10 months, no analysis was made to connect these felonies.

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