I’m an Asshole just like all of YOU!

I’m an Asshole just like all of YOU!

Why because you called me here and stole my life.


You stole my eye’s.

You poisoned my mind.

You put a piece of shit in my head, btw it lacks vaocabulary( it only knows “shut the fuck up”)


You stole my family from me.

You stole my body(i’m still trying to wrap my head around it, to no avail)

You’ve changed my sex.

Youre working me to death so that a whore and as asshole can benefit.

But there are far more that I dont know.


I’m just like you.

I seek the need to take revenge on all people even though on small things like not saying hello.

I want to burn down all of your houses because you’ve robbed my family’s home.

I want to rip-out your parts because you’ve taken something that shouldnt have been taken.

I want to kill all of you that have humiliated me and killed me and erased my mind.

I want to make you live without powers like humans and or remove that trace of all the GOD’s and the mask that you lot wore as GOD’s.


But to be realistic i just want to return home, to my father and mother and my sister and take them back home, and i want them the way i left them.


Also, there’s always a bigger fish, If not me then there will be another.

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