I eagerly Await…

I Eagerly Await to meet my Maker.

I have been so since I was 5 or 6 and frankly If It’s getting boring trying to End my life and I’m very tired of this crap.


Do you have any Idea how or what I truely feel, because I don’t.

The last time I felt like I should end my life was exactly 3 hours ago.

This was Probably said before as the history is hidden from all humans: “A life devoid of pleassure is No Life at all”.


And Now from Me “A Life devoid of pleassure Is worth a trip to hell and far worse is A Life full of lies and Pain, might as well spend it in one of the Realms of hell as I could aid the Dammed and tortured souls”

The Mortal Realm, remeber that it’s called “The mortal Realm” that means you Demi-Gods can and Will Die can thus can be killed.

Live and Let Live.(look it up)

Why Not End it or are you waiting for the correct moment to do Human sacrifise

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