Leach II

This is to point out what you lot are, Part II.

While I work three jobs your kind and espically your family is feeding off my blood and sweat…hope you choke on it eventually.


I work for the benefit of ME and the Family that has taken care of me since childhood and none others.

If I am in your house then you have deceptivley bought me in to your house and I want to leave and never return.

I work to put food on my table and not so your son or daughter can eat the blood like vermins and leaches that eat the flesh of Human’s like they do with me.


I’d prefrebly not Give you lot any more thongs than I already have and frankly I’d given enough or should i say I’ve been robbed enough and I’d like to enjoy the fruit sof my own labour or just give it to the community your child is killing.


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