Why Me?

I have a ?.

Why Me?


I have, as far as I know, have not hurt anyone when this all started.

As time progresses and turn’s forward I seem to get older(obviously) however none of you seem to age at all.

I dont really care weather if I age or not, I perferably like to age like a Human.


I did’nt start this and I do Not see an End In sight either.

It was your Son whom called me towards you.

Then used me.

Then disposed of me.

Then Tried to replace himself in the place where I was.


I’d like to warn you Lord B. That If you are successful then what will you do with me?

Weather you like it or not I am here and here to stay, unfortunatley for me and for you, If you do completely replace me in all of the actions and task’s that I have done the how will you erase the Original action?

I dont really know how to put this in writting but you are smart, you’ll figure it out but at what cost.

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