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  1. conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, especially through cleanliness.

late 16th century: via French from modern Latin hygieina, from Greek hugieinē (tekhnē) ‘(art) of health’, from hugiēs ‘healthy’.




The Above is the Definition of Hygine and it seems to have missed your massive egotistic heads altogeather, Espically with that morally corrupt Strumpet or Demi-mondaine women that are Janzah.

Everytime i’m at work or at some hell-hole of a jail house I seem to have shat my self, although I have no control nor can i see the after effects I can certainly tell it from the expression’s of my pretent colleagues.


These two Strumpet’s or there may be more, regardless they should stop how would they like it if the role’s were reversed and I was doing it, have you thought about that.

I would’nt lower my self to that level of slimeballness like your kind does but i’m thinking what have i got to loose and also I do think it was one of you whom may have said that “When in Rome, be like the Roman’s”.

Let me be….

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