Why must i be here?

When you fuck people why must I be there?

Do you like the feeling of screwing them and the feel of me losing?


Or are you Homo?, Nothing wrong with that at all.

Futher to add.

I dont want to know whom you fuck ever,


I know you will only go for the ones that I like or have had feelings for in someway.

If I like your mother would you go for her as well, probably would knowing your kind, inbreeding is in your nature after all the Animals and the Demi-Gods have done this on many occasions.

I think I’m in love with your mother Hopefully I’ll see her sooner, and be there when you do it.


You are a hater, but that’s assuming very less than what you are, you are Evil and deserve what’s coming, good and bad and the worst. Espically the Worst and I just regret that it’s not me who’s doing to deliver it.

I dont Want to point fingers but your fathers a Cunt.


I may be the sacrificial Lamb to the slaughter but i’ve been poisoned and Frankly if you cut me down it’ll all do down south for you and your bitches.

I hope you get what you deserve as per karma.

Also what does your mother look like.

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