Who the hell

Hello Mod…

Who the fuck gave you rights to hinder my progress.


Who the fuck gave you rights to limit my thoughts.

Who the fuck gave you rights to take my body.

Who the fuck gave you rights to turn me into a whore of woman for your family.


Who the fuck gave you rights over my life, you are a vermin and i don’t appriciate being touched in any manner. In any body any i’m in.

No matter how may times you turn the time back you will always end up bowing before the third eye guy, if it’s any consolation dont worry it wont be me.

You wont live forever, I will guarantee that and the later yesars wont be plesant either.

I dont know how many times you’ve turned back the clock but you wont be able to once it get’s to a point because the Lord of Time, Space and Matter wont be happy about it.

To add, you and your three henchmen will die, nope be killed by the one i leave behind. every soul has a chance to have revenge and i was lured into this from somewhere I was happy on a false promise.

It was you who initiated it not me YOU, so it’s right you and your family pays for it.

When you want me to forgive and you wont even let me live or return to my family and also keep torturing me how does that make anyone want to forgive, kinda hard, the more you push the worse it gets…for me and for you.

If it were’nt for you and your son and your relatives these people on this Earth would be meeting the other Species that inhabit the Galaxy on the outskirts of the Milky Way.

I dont get it, if you want my life so that you may live it then why have not done anything worth while for the people on this world, heck you have not even made any personal development progress.

I would have made a moon base and sent people to Mars with these many years I’ve been in captivity.

It shows that you are a Smart Moron, monkey and car

No matter how many monkeys there are if you have no brain capable of driving the car then it’s still like holding onto shit.






If it’ll help, I’ve seen th End, I mean the Final chapter of this saga.


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