Protection and life

Dear Mr Musctache.

You cannot protect your prized possesion forever.


It is a common and very well acceptted fact that people age and die and when you and your three trusted henchmen die off i’ll go and kill your son of a mass murderer.

How long will he keep killing for even till this day you’ve stopped me from stopping him and failed to stop him.

Does the paternal instinct get in the way of justice and fairnes, it’ shoul’nt( in an ideal world) but this does happen.


When you die, hopefully get your ass handed to you before you die and die because of it, he too will join you shortly.

The simple reason for he has killed up to and above 250 000 people each return of the clock to the 1st point that’s 700 000 000 million years divided by 50 equal’s 14 000 000 times and that puts the count at 3,500,000,000,000 souls he’s killed including me.

No bullet proof defence in any nature can save his sorry manipulative of a son of a whore’s ass from hell, but 1st he has to endure what it’s like to have been me when I dont even have a fucking clue as to where i am and He should go through that at least once, just once.

You will die or you will watch him die or be humiliated in his true form as Lord B by the other two, which ever you choose make it a good one.

You may think what if i kill you 1st, I have made a very strict wish in it i made sure ” I will die when i’ve done what i came to do and as such I will choose my death and if they kill me before hand then the world must stop for me”

Translated bellow as most of you play dumb quite well.

It means i die on my choosing and onle if i am manipulated in any way thne it wont work. Unfortunatley for you and for me.




Spoliers up ahead.






















He get’s his head torn off in Sri Lanka and his other self dies via poison in a shiva temple.

The way you choose leave’s very little room for direction change eigh Musctache

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