Stop Reversing Time

The above. Seriously….

I have had the displeasure of meeting and living with your kind for the last decade and maybe even longer because of you reversing time when ever you see fit.


This is Not my choice to live in various household sand it would’nt be my last wish either, I am very capable of standing up and working for my daily nurishment I would not take handout from you, particularly from your lot EVER.

Time Reversing should only be used, it should never be used, when the world is about to End and or the entire humanity or your kind, the Elamnite’s are about to end, and only should be reversed if it can be prevented and only if it can be prevented.

Thus far all i seem to do is re-live the same life again and again and nothing seem to have changed, only the lack of memory.


If you would only have me live the years between 2015 to 2025 again and again why not let me go so that i may experiment with Aquaphonics or Hydrophonics types of farming or at least be able of get rid of this vermin that is the person in my head or atleats stop STRIPPING ME and parading me in front of each and everyone of your kind.

You cannot keep going back to the same point and keep trying the same way to achive a different result it wont work unless I’m missing something here.

I dont know the particulars of why you are keep reversing time but i get the feeling that I keep wiggling out of your hold you have around my neck……whahay.

I am what I am because of certain incidents and this does nothing to improve the way i see all of you.



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