Who the hell…

Who the hell gave you right’s over my body you piece of filth.

A moron of an asshole who is the lion man who seem to have lost all sense other peoples worth seem to have lost the knowledge about treating other with a bit of humanity is King of the Fucking Elamnites of Milton Keynes.


I want My Body back the way it was or I want the Being that came out of it because of your whore of a family memebr couldnt cope with just one dick in her at anyone time, she needed two bodies.

I want to see the Damage you’ve done to my family AND KEEP the memory of it with me.

You for all purposes, are a rapist pedo, beacasue i didnt say that it was the Info provided by one of your clan, i belive you know.


It’s not nice to treat me this way I wont do anything.

However I will, at my demise, leave something far more poisonous in my place so you ALL know how it feels to be victimised by a Vast majority of people(oh sorry, i should call you lot Demi-God’s(not for long)).

Enojoy your reign Mr Narasimha(lion Man) You will die or live long past to see your kingdom fall to pieces, I’d perfer the latter.


Something to remind you of the pendulum

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