Jealousy comes out of a lack of trust; lack of trust in the process of life, in your partner, in yourself. Lack of trust breeds insecurity, which creates jealousy; we stifle these feelings because they are uncomfortable. … This is the cold hard truth about jealousy: It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy

Jealousy of a woman can ruin not only herself but a whole universe.


If a woman is Jealousy then beware of her actions and intentions.

When anyone becomes Jealous you should be aware of them as they will bring you down and make you join them and or destroy you and reduce you to rubbles.

PHTHONOS was the personified spirit (daimon) of jealousy and envy. He was particularly concerned with the jealous passions of love. In one ancient Greek vase painting, he appears as an Erote, winged godling of love, accompanying Aphrodite.


When Demi-gods can be Jealous and I’d assume that it originates from them then how much can you avoid being that green-eyed monster.

I know I’ve been accused of it a few times in my life and once they were right and the other one I didn’t give a dam about who she shagged.

It’s also very easy to not to feel like that rotting tomato in your heart and not shining enough for them to want you. It’s quite simple all you have to do is repeat these words.

“If she wanted me she/he would have made an effort and it’s a two way streek” and this one “I will not be trodded on nor will I be treated like a doormat”.

If they are persistent then move away from that place, seriously the planet has a landmass of 148,940,000 Km² and you cant find a rock to hide under from a monster, or are you loving the torture and mistreatment from that person or are you loving the attention.


Either way, it’s poisonous for you and for that person(s) and if you don’t move and let them live their life the way they want, unless they have your body or eye’s and or other parts which they stole while you slept then you don’t have much of a choice than to stick around unless you have a fantastic idea how to get it them back.


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