The term Asura is loosley translated and its definition is quite clar to me anyway.

When someone calls someone Asura or Deva, the meaning is quite simple read below.


Asura and Deva are both born of the same God and as such they are both Either Asura or Deva.

If thats the case why are tere two word for them, let me explain:

The term Asura is given to Ravan is well although he has Divine blood in him he is Called an Asuran just becaue of his ACTIONS not because of his birth. As such his actions has to be very very evil in nature and inhumain and make the most docile person to ask why that is.


The terms Deva is given to person of good moral and ethics and i’ve yet to see anyone with such qualities within the Elamnite communite.

So you’re all Assholes.

shit flowchart

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