Nightmare-My life(part 1 of dreams)

This is a description of a dream I had today at midday at my, presumed parents’ house.

This is how it goes.


There was a man looking at a mirror and there was a ghost that appeared from the mirror and it took over his body and he was otherwise known as possed.

He loses himself and eventually disappears from my dream.

Then the ghost takes over the place of the man and pretends to be in love with the girl he was chasing and after a short while the dream progresses further.


The middle part I’ll ignore as its boring like a Bollywood or Tollywood scenery for a romantic movie where they fan out to a fantastic location, well it’s just like that but creepier.

Then the girl is visited by someone two people(couple) and she is seen with another bountiful breasted and to what appears to be a fantastic and breathtaking maiden who the woman and the maiden seem to be in love together.

It’s never as it seems and the maiden is actually what the ghost has manifested into and the couple watched in horror as the maiden’s footprints were leaving some sort of green glowing prints on the floor.

The girl could not be persuaded to leave her newfound love so they leave and the Ghost takes her inside.

The End and I woke up with a cold sweat.

This story is actually a blessing even a ghost trapped in a mirror can find love.

This is a touching story as the woman’s boyfriend or whoever he was to her is no longer and is replaced by a ghost of a female and he’s gone.

My life.

I was lured into false marriage and false love and entrapped into servitude and by means of a species that is smarter(“there’s always a bigger fish” Master Jedi Gui-gon gin) but there’s always a folly that takes away even the mightiest of all champions and it’s usually from within so here’s my quote “if there is no bigger fish than that then there are parasites like the coronavirus which won’t even need tooth’s”.

That nightmare was a nightmare because of the western culture of depicting ghosts and other spiritual beings as evil and who do the work of the devil but there are good spirits.

My life, in reality, is a nightmare and what I’m living now is a dream so when I wake up it’ll be a Killer on the heart and soul and a very fragile mind.

Ideally, I’d like to be free even if it’s a nightmare but If I ever will is a question.

The End

P.S. Live and Let Live, although I’m just tired why not kill me already if there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

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