Apocalypse, this has been used to sell the Christian belief system to the world.

This shows that you can use anything to sell anything, i mean com’on can you really see an Apocalypse in your lifetime.


It won’t happen as it’s been predicted by more religious groups that have existed than are now and we still see a world thriving, well just some humans in the West anyway can’t speak for all life.

The Apocalypse won’t happen like they say it will, i mean the end of the world, it’ll be end of life and i mean all life as the Creator god will stop producing or rather stop sending them here to be born.

Did you really think that a benevolent god who created the world in six days ( according to the Bible) will destroy like it says so, heck I’m a simple person and anything i make in 5 minutes or less I have second thoughts about getting rid of but this dude created this plain of existence in 6 days and i mean my six days and a celestial beings 6 days are quite different.


If I were him id just stop all births and once all life has met its timely demise then would i begin again to make it better as i would have data from the previous version.

So don’t count on seeing the Apocalypse as you might have counted on but a different versions of that event.

You can say the developed world is on the Apocalypse path already as there is a decline in births.

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