Honest thought

If you don’t let me out one day, sooner the better(for you).

I don’t care how long I live in this captivity but if I don’t go freely and if my people are not happy or free and have their say in their matters then you’ll be…see for yourself.


If your son keeps on killing them and humiliating me then I wouldn’t like to be him the day he makes his show in the country he goes to dominate.

Eventually, there will be an end and I’m very disappointed that I wasn’t the one executing your lot and exposing your kind to the world for what your family is…the worst of the worst so bad you even get a category of you own.

I hope you kill me this ends with this timeline and it does not reverse so that I can see your son become the bitch for the swine and his bitches all fuck him up…eventually.


I just need one confirmation to know this happens….just one…and I’ll get it….soon.

Hope you all get backstabbed by your beloved boy…I’d love to see your face then.

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