The Road to Hell

I once heard that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions so if that’s true then the Road to Heaven is paved with bad Intentions?

That seems to be the case in my case I’ve wasted my 33 years of life on pointless ideas and belaving in dreams and visions and Not so trustworthy women and bad decisions.


I shouldn’t have left my home country for this shithole full of opportunists and thieves and manipulators.

I shouldn’t have gotten married to my ex-wife, with the time and money I spent on her I could have gotten myself a soulmate or I could have raised a fourlegged companion who would wait for me and love unconditionally.

I shouldn’t have said yes to the mother a psychopathic girl at the age of 18, turns out she was a full-blown sociopath and had ulterior motives and so did her family members.


I shouldn’t have tried to help someone I thought was in trouble in my dream and even if she was I shouldn’t have bothered, it’s her karma.

I shouldn’t have been in my secondary school in the sixth form with the Asians as they have all got a bad view of me, I really don’t care anymore.

I shouldn’t have left the 1st country I went to for this shit hole with this life, where I was living was great I had Freinds that were honest and not snakes or had two or more faces. Also, I had the prospect of a Girlfriend.

I shouldn’t have let the asshole make me suck his dick or allow others to abuse me. It fucked me up a lot.

I shouldn’t have gotten comfortable with imprisonment I should have killed the 1st person I saw in that family with an axe. I still would If I had an Axe.

Mainly I shouldn’t have been born at this time.

And why the Hell do people carry to full term a baby that was conceived of sexual assault,

I am Pro-Choice.

Oh, since all my thoughts are full of hate for the Elamnites that have me trapped and how I would mass murder them does that mean I’m going to Heaven as it might be true because “The road to Hell is Paved with Good intentions” and my intentions are satanic….hmmm I wonder.

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