Dear Human.

I am writing to inform you of a developing trend in most of the world.


That’s increasing consumption of meat in the east and an increasing number of people turning to Vegetarianism and into Vegan.

I myself am half vegetarian because of what’s I’ve seen in my dreams and my personal life.

The half-vegetarian is because I eat chicken because my mother cooks it, otherwise I won’t buy it as a meal but I do when there’s no good vegan or vegetarian option isn’t as good or otherwise unavailable.


I have seen people turn into animals and animals turn into people.

This is not only dreams but the basis of my belief that there is a creator GOD or the humans have encountered alien’s and that they can shapeshift into an animal.

I say an animal and not animals is because these Elamnite’s have reached a higher level of thought process and achieved a way to control how they control their body and mind and other sections of themselves. However, they have a limit of transforming into one animal.

In the Hindu Purana’s it states that God’s and Goddesses have animal vehicles and i believe that also I believe that it’s also what they can transform into, for most of them anyway.

I have also seen( in my dreams) that a lady transforming into a Hen and also that she lays an egg and from that, she has a daughter and from that people all over the world stop eating meat.

This is true and possible if you believe in God, here’s why and I have a good argument, in the view of every religious system we, as in all beings are created as equals and in the Hindu Puranas it says all life comes from me and that’s is the One source of and the original creator speaking and he/she says that all life is created equal. So that fried chicken you’re eating has the same standing as you who have killed it and cooked it, it has a family and children sure it’s your livestock but if you are standing before the judge in the afterlife then the chicken will have the same rights as you, within reason it’s all part of the lifecycle and it all fit’s in the machine of life as each and every individual cog of the machine and they help to move it forward.

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