I don’t want anything to do with ANY OF YOU!!!!

When I got asked to marry the black cat i had not even thought about this outcome. At all.

I had my memory erased each time some prick does something to me and naturally i like almost 99% of humans want and would seek revenge, I’m not an exception.


So stop erasing my memory you fucktards and stop stealing my future, leave at least one for me…Wtf I’m asking the Satan family to stop being them selves, far-fetched isn’t it.

I’m a very decent person if you ask I’ll give, within reason, but you’re stealing Mr. Mod.

As for you ananth since you have access to my dick, may i suggest something “fuck your mum with it so that you may be born, being a whore i dont think she discriminates against her would be boyfriend with her son, you are of no use to me seriously fuck off out of my life, yours-not really- zepion” i want to say that to all of your brothers faces except one.


I didn’t send either of you fuckers back to mess it up for me, that cunt Mrs. Hussie did. If I stayed back i would’ve killed that cunt or put him in his place and you would’ve been born to someone else. Hopefully that someone else does come into both your mother’s life’s.

Did you think I would send anyone back in this hell, fuck no she did. If I were given a choice to do it then i would come myself. And make positive change to the world instead of fucking my brothers mothers. Or being my brother’s father, or at least i would’ve gone back once the task was done

I don’t want to be portrayed as someone following that bitch or her boyfriends, ever. Let me make this clear and read it out loud to all the cunts” I DONT LIKE ANYNOF YOU STOP FUCKING UP MY LIFE, LET ME LIVE IN PEACE, OH AND I LEFT FOR A FUCKING REASON, IVE WONDERD WHY BUT NOW IT MAKES SENSE, AND I DONT LIKE HER AT ALL”. It should also make sense to you as well, if I am typing this and not something else completely different.

I have been a imprisoned slave long enough and i want to go home.

And mark my words inbread “no matter how many births i take i will send you to hell, i promise, you know the outcome and I’ll tell you what, you got balls to do this or complete stupidity either way, we your tortured will kill you”.

Look deep into the future for the outcome.