To whomever, this may concern

I have for the past decade and more, have tasted foul and filthy flavors in the mouth when I have an empty mouth and I want to know what they are and if they are what I think they are.


Recently I have the taste almost every minute and it’s disgusting and I’d rather not taste it at all not to mention making me wonder even more about my condition further.

I don’t want to taste anything that’s not in my mouth, especially the taste of genetnitelia and anything else you may have in store for me.

If I am inside someone while they’re giving fellatio then may I suggest that they remove me to someone else unless you fancy fucking up your karma for your future.


I don’t really care if you fuck up your Karma, it’s that I’m only around every 700 million years and therefore would like to do some something rather than made to suck or savor genitals.

Yours faithfully

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