You get what you give… Eventually.

I hope for all those that have suffered at the hands of torturerers and horrible people just because they can inflict such pain and humiliation and think they can get away with it, that karma and her cold dish of revenge exists.

I have had a horrible 33 years of life and all because one person seems to think he’s invincible and untouchable and above the laws reach.


Ever since I was born or to be exactly true before I was even conceived i had a target on my head for this person (s). He has hunted me since I was in Sri Lanka and he was the reason that i was even abandoned by my mother, she threw me in river to die and infected my with a virus.

He 1st came to torture me when I was just a toddler and he made me give him a felatio and then he sent his bitches to hunt me and rib me of everything that was ever my own.

The time I moved with my family to the capital he infected me with brain malaria and i was unable to move my body and almost died, had i known these tortures would happen i would have jumped off the balcony of the colombo hospital for sure.


When I moved to Switzerland i was rapped by his bitch and him while playing outside.

When I moved to the UK i was killed and my body used as a backup for testing tortures or probably the main torture objects they have anyway, i hope it’s just me but he is not Satan he is a horrible deity a “going to the bottomless pit” type of deity. I won’t say he’s a Satan because Satan only punishes the bad people and in my book he’s the god we need or do we need a god that allows such horrible terror to persist on this world to anyone and everyone.

I have been pumped full of drugs and all while people that do it pretend that they are doing it for my good. If you are doing it for my good then stop him and let me resume whats left of my soulless life and whats left of the people that adopted me as one of their own.

Please don’t ever think you can get away with it there is always a bigger fish and like qui-gon gin said in phantom meneace its true, and if you think or know you’re the biggest fish then there’s a parasite that makes light work of something so big.

Stop and let me live or kill me now either one but stop the torture.

I want to say this to all those who are “Elamnites” one day the world will wake up to your crimes and they will eradicate everyone of your kind, I’ve seen it and so far few hundred dreams(nightmares)have come true.

Heads up.

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