How do you measure?

How do you measure success?

it could be many things’s.


I for one measure it by the number of people that no longer suffering any mental illness or any other illness in shape or form to, and also that all being’s human or animal or rather any creature for that matter die in vain at the hand’s of the butcher especially anyone wanting to kill anyone or any being for sport, why because according to the bible (that I believe to be somewhat true) we were all(every creature big or minutely small) created equal. That mean’s the chicken from KFC has the same standing as you when being judged by the Dude upstairs or downstairs, as sung by AC/DC Highway to hell and the stairway to heaven sung by Led Zepplin, if you are to put those two of the greatest bands into context you’ll see that the traffic to hell is much higher than the traffic to heaven, because you cant fit(currently no one has ever made a staircase that can fit more than a few dozen people climbing side by side and the biggest one is the CN tower in Toronto) and also the widest highway is also in Canada in Ontario highway 401 which has a massive 18 lanes at the widest point.

Anyway, I know what I’m saying is to compare the chicken to yourself but while the majority of the global population can’t seem to stomach the butchering of any animal, however when they don’t see it they have no problem with eating it if they don’t know how it died and that was probably the best few seconds of that chicken if you look at how it was raised and bred for consumption. The chicken’s and other animals notably the cow and in particular, the bull is kept away from their mothers after their birth and most animals that have been raised for food production have never known what it is like to be in the warmth and comfort of their mother.

If you cant even be away from an unwanted child you’ve given birth to then how can you tolerate the suffering of these beings. If Karma does exist then the human race is doomed to be butchered by something that’ll breed us and eat us as we do to them.


If Karma is true then all these being’s that are treated like this must have done it to us some point in the past,

What goes around comes around.

Yes i do eat chicken, Yes i am going to Hell, Yes i do want to cut out Meat, No i won’t say No to my mum’s cooking.

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