The fool

So on my last post, I said that I have been focusing on gardening for at least a one hour of every day of my life however my motivation to do such things have been turned on its head.

The germination of the Cherry seeds didn’t go as planned, you might have guessed why if you know something about gardening or just plants in general, I made a NOOB mistake, well I put the seeds in light apparently and when that happens I believe that they don’t sprout into saplings. They, the seeds usually have no sunlight when they’re buried into the ground so when you leave it out in the back garden, like me, hoping to get some seeds then you’ve got another thing coming, if you’re really looking for a career into this, like me(well sometime in the future) then do what I used to do: READ and RESEARCH your chosen topics before jumping into action, Please, dont waste your time thats the only thing (at the moment I can think of) that you can’t retrieve for everything else theres probably a way.


Im still Abusing the wicked stick, but i have reduced it to once in every day. So I have more energy to shit like this and off course procrastinate and if you’re like me who enjoys PoGo i also spend two to three hurs a day doing that.

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