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I have been planing to leave this country and move back to my own ever since i can think well and turn that thought into action…well a little later maybe…five to ten years later, lets say when i was 15 or so, and since I’m much older the desire have only grown stronger and because i have seen how they live back home it just got more serious and I’m determined to go home and start a new life there as what ever i can be. I have plans to do some business there with the money that i earn here, my target is 50k in the next 5 years with the jobs that i plan of working and after that i want to go home and then settle.



I’ll explain, currently my home country is the UK as i have a passport and a home, a job and an education as well as some other stuff. All i ever wanted to do was stay back home it would have been a better story than what has transpired in the not so distant past for me i would have been a different person and i would have been a ton happier than what i am today, i would not need to take medications everyday and i certainly not need to do these shitty jobs i would have been educated and i would be at the top of the league table for that matter, but no they had to have this and that so we had to move and so here i am a useless idiot home away from home. I have so far made two trips back home to see how it all is and everything has changed and i was even though i was disappointed that a tad but i was extremely happy that i was there in person and not looking at things though the use of skype and video calling. The 1st time i went there i went with my family then i went there alone the second time. And both times i had a blast. And because i have an out of this world time every time i go i have decided and made plans to settle there permanently and i hope that this plans is a success otherwise i will jump off a bridge.


So i am looking for a second job where i live, a part-time job, and not one of those that sucks you dry makes you feel worthless and lowers your standards type either. The jobs that i have taken in the past, only two, have made me lower my standards about jobs and what type of jobs that i can have in my life, the 1st one made me think twice about my life and where it’s going, if you are taking a job make sure that you can move up in it, you dont need me to tell you how to take a job but the dead end jobs should only be part time jobs or take them in you primes when you need a top up for your pension or you are a student otherwise dont, it sucks your soul dry and makes you think this is the end of the world and that you wont go anywhere with life.


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