Siege of Nallur

The devotees that have visited the Nallur temple on the new years day were surprised to find that there was an army check post on the premises of the temple. Previously there was the police provided security to the famous temple and now there seems to be a military presence and this is motivated by the extremists from the south to further their ambition of torture and hate towards the Tamils. The news medias have suggested that it is for the security reasons but i really don’t see any security problems anymore, and even if the LTTE existed they would not pose a threat to the sacred Nallur Kandaswamy Temple as it is a symbol of Tamils and is very much respected across the Tamils community around the World and specially in the Eelam Tamil community.

The placement of the notorious army check points will only alienate the Tamils further. I don’t see how this will bring together the two divided communities as one like the president said  this will further push the Tamils to the other side of the fence and against the wall and this will see that there are more and more militants of Tamil origin to fight for a separate country on the Island.


This check point will harass Tamils that go into the temple and will strip the of a place where there is no military presence. I don’t  see why wee have to put up with the military when the southerners don’t have them anywhere near their places of worship. Why us is it because the LTTE is gone and you think that we are easy prey now or is it that you want to put a Buddha statue in the temple where the Kandaswamy statue is. If that is your intention then forget a one nation and one island policy.

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