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My life is a lie and my body is a lie. And I'm living a lie.


cannot escape my lies and they cannot seem to let me go, or they don't want to let me go. My entire life is a sham orcastrated by the prince of the MK emamnites and hit freinds and family.


I have made a few attempts to see them but they are as elusive to me as catching a mermaid from the oceans by a fisherman. I know where they live and where they work, but i don't know where i am and what i'm doing. It's because i have them inside my head and they seem to show me my family, even though i dont know where my family is, They have lost their home and have been split up bu deceit and lust from the elamnites. The lust comes from the crocodile, or i call him the pig. he's the father of the inbread and he has a thing for my mother.


I don't have my penis anymore cause Faizah Ali Hussein stole it and therefore it's now a vagina and i have been raped a few times, when i mean a few times i mean i get raped everyday by those cunts. And i have given birth to children and that pig has bought the accidents and rape children in front of me and i was not very happy to see them.


I don't know how long this mind will last with this constant torture but i want to be free. And every time i look for some relief i get pushed back a few miles behind and i go back to square one.


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